• Jay Shuler

4 Benefits of a Home Inspection You May Not Have Considered

If you are like most people, you know that the home inspection is a great way to know the overall condition of a home prior to finalizing the purchase. Home inspections can offer a host of other great benefits as well. Here are four benefits of a home inspection you might not have thought about.

  1. Honey-do Lists

A home inspection report is very thorough, listing large defects down to minor deficiencies. After you have taken possession of your home, use your home inspection report to make a list of all the repairs and upgrades you will make. We have a great list making option built-in to our reporting software.

  1. Maintenance Scheduling

Many home inspectors (including us!) will make note of suggested maintenance schedules on your home’s systems. Set reminders on your calendar to sweep the chimney, change the furnace filter, clean the gutters, clear the dryer vent, among other things.

  1. Pre-Listing

If you are selling a home, curtail surprises in your transaction by having a home inspection done before it is listed by your agent. There are many steps in the process of selling a home, and it can be an emotional time. If you can uncover any issues before an offer is accepted, you can save a lot of headache when you are en route to closing.

  1. Leverage in Negotiating

Depending on your specific situation, you may be able to negotiate repairs, credits at closing, or price of the home after the offer is accepted. A detailed home inspection report, in combination with price quotes from contractors, is an excellent way to ensure you are landing on a deal that makes sense for both you and the seller.

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